Russell Morgan

Russell Morgan - Shady Grove
Remix Out Now (Aerostat/Rayrecordings)

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Pull - Recognize Me

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Kaurna Cronin

It Ain't Easy for Either of Us
Remix Out Now (Songs & Whispers/Buddemusic)

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Aerostat Productions

Aerostat Productions is a German/Austrian collective of producers and artists with a focus on alternative, pop, rock, indie and electro. We look back to numerous successes, in the form of releases (Universal Music, Buddemusic), airplay (Bayern 3, FM4, gotv, Deutschlandradio Kultur) as well as cooperations with acclaimed producers, engineers and artists (Filippo Gaetani, Julian Lowe, Cameron Craig, Roger Seibel, Tic Studio, Abbey Road Studios). We are convinced that every song is unique and requires an individual production. Today’s connected world provides huge opportunities, especially for artists, to work with a professional team and give their music the right sound: 360° Independent!

Are you looking for partners to realize your vision? Or would you like to join our family? Feel free to get in touch with us.

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Soft Plastic (DE)  Maddes (DE)  Captain Volleyball (DE)  Any Ghost (DE)  Karlsson (DE)  Kaurna Cronin (AUS) Russell Morgan (UK)  Daisy Chapman (UK) Nico Rivers (US)  Pull (ITA)  Die Tropen (DE)

Austrozone Compilation CD Artwork
“Soft Plastic – Halilopeux” was released on Austrozone Sampler.

Core Team

Matthias Roos - Photo: © Xavier Roart

Matthias Roos

songwriting, vocals, drums, guitar, bass, keyboard/synth, recording, producing, mixing, mastering

Maddes, Any Ghost, Captain Volleyball, Soft Plastic, The Autumn Art Festival, chambre¿chambre, The Peterman Project, Russell Morgan, Buddemusic, Kaurna Cronin, Daisy Chapman, Nico Rivers, Pull, Die Tropen, Alex Kappler

Marco Divic - Photo: © Marco Divic

Marco Divic

songwriting, guitar, bass, keyboard/synth, recording, producing, mixing, mastering

Soft Plastic, Captain Volleyball, Maddes, Russell Morgan, Buddemusic, Kaurna Cronin, Daisy Chapman, Nico Rivers, Pull, Alex Kappler, Bikini Beach Challenge, Karlsson

Filippo Gaetani - Photo: © Filippo Gaetani

Filippo Gaetani

songwriting, vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard/synth, recording, mixing, mastering

SheLoom, Don Grusin, Adrina Thorpe, My Excellence, Martin Klein, Jessie Grace, Papermoon, Andy Bell/Phil Larsen, Digital Noise Academy, Xiren, Peter Doran, Eraldo Bernocchi, Russell Morgan, Stefano Bollani, Erik Friedlander, Malina, Katja Werker and many more…

Julian Lowe - Photo: © Julian Lowe

Julian Lowe


Amy Winehouse, Robbie Williams, City and Colour, Dawes, Conor Oberst, The Corrs, Faithless, Feeder, Janet Jackson, Grown Up Avenger Stuff, Apache Darling, Anda, Indigo Face, Morgan Bain, My Excellence, Bent, Ben Christophers, Scissor Sisters, Squeeze, Super Furry Animals, The Verve, Nuspirit Helsinki, Bebel Gilberto, Hefner, Jean Jacques Smoothie, George Michael and many more…

Session Musicians

Kellii Scott - Photo: © Kellii Scott

Kellii Scott


Failure, Christina Aguilera, Linda Perry, Pink, James Blunt, Auf Der Maur, Veruca Salt, KT Tunstall, Scissor Sisters, Dr Dre, Blinker the Star, Liquid Jesus, Hole, Faith Hill, Gary Jules, A Perfect Circle, Queens of the Stoneage, Lusk, Campfire Girls and more…

Sascha Grub - Photo: © Zippo Zimmermann,

Sascha Grub

vocals, guitar

The Autumn Art Festival, Any Ghost, Captain Volleyball


“…Marco Divic and Nina Leinwatter fish with their title song here in the magical waters sparkling sound of the early 90s. Names such as Sonic Youth, Pavement, Sebadoh and many more buzz through my head after this beautiful pop piece…”

FM4 Radio – ORF

“…Matthias Roos – the artist, arranger & songwriting force behind this collection of songs – has a true ear for great music production and a vision of how he wants his music to come across to his audience…”

Julian Lowe – Mastering Engineer (Björk, dEUS, Amy Winehouse, Conor Oberst, …)

“…I can hear “Rainbows” in a fashion or lifestyle product commercial, I love “Is There Anyone”, particularly the hellacious guitar at the top and the male/female harmony vox, and “Fulltone”…I could hear all 3 of these on the radio in the US…”

Robert Blau – Director of Licensing and Senior A&R (Warner/Chappelle Music L.A.)


Motor Music

Logo Buddemusic Germany

Logo Broken Silence

Universal Austria Logo


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