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Nanny Goat

The history of Nanny Goat reaches back to 1997 after a couple of teenage girls decided to start a punk rock band in the oldest city of Germany. After a change in line up in 2001 Nanny Goat recorded their first album “Too Many Love Songs”.

In 2002 the German label Roadmovie Productions got an eye on the Goats and signed and supported the production of the second album “Superficial depths”. The album was recorded in Liverpool and released in March 2003 on Roadmovie Productions.

Subsequently and with a new man on the guitar “Nanny Goat” went on their first tour around Germany together with their “label colleagues” Ashes of Pompeii.

Their latest album “Rise Apollo” was recorded in 2009 and is now available for free on Aerostat Records.

One girl and four boys from Trier celebrate a tasty, extremly melodic Alternative Rock brew. Being an established and loved live act all over their area since years, Nanny Goat shout out: “We are back!” The rest of the country will fall apart to their melancholic little pieces of Rockgold soon. If you like punk influenced Indie-Rock (female fronted!), you should give this one a try.