Captain Volleyball - Band Photo

Captain Volleyball

Captain Volleyball is a german band from the region Homburg/Zweibrücken (Saarland/Rhineland-Palatinate), founded in spring 2006 by Sascha Grub (guitar, vocals) and Matthias Roos (drums). After a few month of inital practicing Marco Divic (bass) joined the band. He and Matthias already played together in the band “Mel Jack” previously.

After a half year of songwriting the band played its first shows in autumn/winter 2006 and spent time recording the first demo EP “Long Term Solution”, which was produced and released by themselves.

In the following year Captain Volleyball played lots of gigs in south west Germany and had airplay in the shows “Netzparade” (DAS DING), “SOUNDCHECK” (MDR Radio Sputnik) and other web radios.

In 2009 they released their second EP “Anyway, What’s Meant To Last”, which was the last recording, so far, as every member moved to different cities.