Aaron English - Artist Photo

Aaron English

In a recent episode of the Fox TV drama Bones, a character made a mix of “the six greatest break-up songs” and gave it to a heart-broken colleague. The mix featured songs from alternative-pop stars such as Sia, Mazzy Star, José González, Antony and the Johnsons…and a lone unsigned artist by the name of Aaron English.

Seattle-based piano-man Aaron English has been steadily building a buzz in the U.S., thanks to four self-released albums and regular touring throughout the U.S. as a solo artist & with The Aaron English Band.

In 2012, Aaron scored a Top 5 hit in Italy with an epic medley reinvention of The Beatles’ and Led Zeppelin’s classics “Norwegian Wood” and “Kashmir”.

Also in 2012, Aaron formed the side-project Boombox Séance with Baltimore singer-songwriter Victoria Vox. After writing and touring together in the summer and fall of 2012, they released the album Boombox Séance (also produced by Geoff Stanfield) in March 2013.

In 2015, Aaron spent two music-filled months as a record producer, songwriter, performer in East Africa, where he founded International Youth Music Project, a charity that supports music programs at orphanages.

In 2017, Aaron began a four-month tour of Europe to promote his solo album ‘american [fever] dream’, supported by Aerostat Records.

Aaron is currently releasing a new single and video each month, a project that will culminate in a new album release at the end of 2017.