Russell Morgan

Shady Grove
Remix Out Now (Aerostat/Rayrecordings)

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Pull - Recognize Me

Single Video Out Now!

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Maddes - Tools of No Use

"…like a colorful fuzzy place. Almost like love. Warm and cheerful.
Sunny and tender…" C-Heads-Magazine

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Kaurna Cronin

It Ain't Easy for Either of Us
Remix Out Now (Songs & Whispers/Buddemusic)

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Aerostat Records is a German/Austrian independent record label and artist collective.

The music ranges between alternative, experimental, pop, rock, indie and electro.

The origin of the label goes back to the 90s, when Marco Divic, Matthias Roos and friends founded different music projects. In 2006 Sascha Grub joined them and the indie rock band Captain Volleyball was born. The three managed to record two EPs, got airplay on German radio stations and organized shows using a DIY approach. Just as interest was raised abroad, Sascha and Marco left their home town and the band was facing its end. The team was scattered in Austria and southwest Germany and needed to find new ways to keep things going. With the help of the internet that was no problem fortunately.

In 2010 all songs of the different projects were released with Creative Commons licenses on a netlabel website. This marked the birth of Aerostat Records.

In 2011 Captain Volleyball and Maddes contributed songs to the soundtrack of the movie One year later by Karthoum Productions.

For the release Halilopeux by Soft Plastic in 2013, a collaboration with producer/engineer Filippo Gaetani and his record label Rayrecordings was established. Aerostat Records became an official German record label from that time on and contributed a single to the compilation Austrozone, released by Universal Music Austria.

In 2014 the first full-length album was released digitally and on CD: Fielded by Maddes.

Since 2015 Aerostat Records is also an official Austrian record label.

In 2017 the single Rounded Corners taken from Maddes EP Tools of No Use was rotating in German and Austrian radio stations (Deutschlandradio Kultur et al.). Just about that time Roos und Divic founded their production collective Aerostat Productions, releasing remixes of international artists in cooperation with Songs & Whispers/Budde Music Germany and Rayrecordings (Kaurna Cronin, Russell Morgan et al.).


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